Your Business Buyers Buying Process

We have completly simplfied and streamlined how businesses are sold.


Sign Confidentiality Agreement

Review Business Documents

Preliminary Diligence

Meet the Seller

Draft the Offer

What we will need:

  • 3 years of P&L (Profit and Loss) financial statements including this Y-T-D
  • 3 years of tax returns (business or business portion of personal tax returns)
  • Any lease agreements if applicable
  • Balance sheet
  • 3 years of bank statements
  • Any additional Bank Records (Credit card statements, etc.)
  • Asset List – Inventory, DBA, equipment, etc. that is transferable with the business
  • Business/Owner Bio – How long has the business been in operation? How long have you owned the company? (Etc)

Additional items that may be needed:

  • Sales Information (Where do your sales come from? What is the percentage? Etc)
  • Sales by customer
  • Accounts receivable/payables
  • License/contracts
  • Staff Bios/Information/Pay Details
  • Access to business income and identity verification

Thank you for your submission

One of our partners will be in touch with you after review